What is yerba mate?

Yerba mate is a caffeinated tea, widely consumed by people of South America. It is said to have many health benefits, plus the strength of coffee. It is an herbal alternative to coffee known for it's anti-oxidant properties.

Why is Yerba Mate better than coffee? 

Yerba Mate gives you a caffeine boost without the negative side effects of coffee - like jitters and nausea. It is a much smoother stimulant than coffee, gentler on your stomach and doesn’t stain your teeth. Yerba Mate also exceeds coffee in nutritional value.

Where do the ingredients come from?

Our Yerba Mate is imported fair trade and organic from Brazil. Our honey is procured from apiaries that align with our mission to save the bees. 

What is Busy Bee’s relationship to the Xerces Society?

Busy Bee acts as a platform to share information about our pollinating friends as well as makes monetary donations to the Xerces Society and their efforts to save the pollinators.

Do you work with any other organizations to help save the bees?

We are always looking for partnerships. If you have any ideas or are part of an organization working to save the bees through education, research, hive relocation, environmental preservation, and/or litigation, please reach out to us via the contact us option on our website. 

What year were we established?

Busy Bee was officially established in 2013 and spent about 2 years doing research and development. We commercially launched at the end of 2015.

How long can I enjoy my Busy Bee after it is opened?

If you refrigerate your Busy Bee after opening, you can enjoy it for about a week.

What makes Busy Bee special and different from other Yerba Mate brands?

Busy Bee stands out from other Yerba Mate brands because of the time and effort put in to crafting our delicious beverages to make them healthy AND delicious. We are a group of skilled and experienced baristas, mixologists, and flavor experts with wellness in mind; you won’t find preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or dyes in any of our products. Another facet of Busy Bee that makes us stand out is our use of honey, which rounds out the pungency of yerba mate without masking it.